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01/14 The Green Hornet view the trailer
01/28 The Mechanic view the trailer
02/18 I Am Number Four view the trailer
03/04 The Adjustment Bureau view the trailer
03/11 Red Riding Hood view the trailer
03/18 Beastly view the trailer
03/25 Sucker Punch view the trailer
04/08 Hanna view the trailer
04/15 Scream 4 view the trailer
04/29 Fast Five (The Fast & The Furious 5) view the trailer
05/06 Thor view the trailer
05/13 Priest view the trailer
05/20 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides view the trailer
05/26 The Hangover: Part II view the trailer
06/03 X-Men: First Class view the trailer
06/08 Super 8 view the trailer
06/17 Green Lantern view the trailer
06/24 Rise of the Apes
07/01 Transformers: Dark of the Moon view the trailer
07/08 One for the Money !Finally!
07/15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2
07/22 Captain America
07/29 Cowboys & Aliens view the trailer
08/05 The Darkest Hour
08/19 Conan the Barbarian
08/19 Fright Night !Another remake!
09/09 Warrior
10/14 The Three Musketeers
12/16 Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol
12/16 Sherlock Holmes 2
12/28 War Horse

01/20/2012 Underworld: New Dawn
03/16/2012 21 Jump Street
03/30/2012 Wrath of the Titans
05/04/2012 The Avengers
05/25/2012 Men In Black III
06/29/2012 Star Trek II 2013
07/20/2012 The Dark Knight Rises (Batman 3)
08/03/2012 The Bourne Legacy
11/21/2012 47 Ronin
12/2012 The Hobbit: Part I

05/03/2013 Iron Man 3
05/17/2013 The Dark Tower: Part I
12/2013 The Hobbit: Part II
2013 The Brazilian Job *naught but a dream*
2013 Interseller
2013 Sinatra
2013 Bad Boys 3
2013 Sin City 2
2013 Nick Fury *I'll believe it when I see it.*
2013 Doctor Strange *This one too!*
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